Urban Soloing Techniques Volume II is a continuation to our extraordinary Volume I DVD set and is slated for the intermediate player. We teach in a “shed style” manner in which we go crazy with every riff, lick, run, trick, we know, but we show you all of the chords and runs. For you gospel players, we spend a whole hour on shouting tricks in Ab to help spice up your shouting playing. For those of you craving for the hottest chops and licks, then this volume II will definitely take your keyboard playing to another level.




One of the most popular shed sessions ever was the shed session Byron, Ivan and I did when I first moved to Orlando. We both shared all of our tricks and licks on camera as we enjoyed the gift God gave us. There was one big problem! The stuff we did was not caught on MIDI. As a result, I recreated this same feel in the studio with the MIDI and overhead keyboard. This was a freestyle shed session of grooves, licks, tricks, and improvisational chops that extend upon what was learned on the Urban Worship Xtreme DVD. In fact, I would say this DVD is a “remix” of the Urban Worship Xtreme. You also get a super dose of phat grooves to do as well. Finally, we even give you some very phat synth horn licks and tricks. This DVD is packed and sure to take you even further in your playing.

This section would definitely be your crash course in shouting music. We start from the buildup all the way to the closeout. We give you all of the “standards” that are essential to shouting music. All of the most popular progressions, licks and tricks are given to you. We have even giving you quartet type movements, which you will use in your devotional service and your choir songs. Once again you have double MIDI, therefore double the amount of material. Essentially getting 2-Full hours in one packed DVD. Oh yea don’t forget, we had to show





This Disc gives you your R&B lead and sine wave soloing. Some of you have no clue on how to really work that modulation wheel. We give you movements such as R&B sine wave soloing, sine wave chording, lead soloing, moog bass techniques, and scat soloing as well. This could really be used during worship as you are playing chords with your left hand and soloing with your right.






Documentation Disc with MIDI files of both Byron and Jamal for double trouble!

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