The most anticipated DVD is finally here! Soloing Techniques Volume I and Volume II are products of an Xtreme dose of pure phatness. If you loved the Urban Worship Xtreme, then get ready for Urban Worship Xtreme Reeemiiixxxx. We took everything you loved from the Urban Worship Xtreme (Neo Soul, Jazz, Crazy Chords, Voicings, Progressions) and did the same thing, except we focused on soloing instead of chords. This is definitely the DVD everyone has been waiting patiently for and now it’s here. You will get an Xtreme dose of licks, tricks, runs, riffs, chops, and improvisational tools that will enhance your playing INSTANTLY!

This is probably the most requested DVD out of all of them. I can’t count the number of requests I get from people wanting to learn how to solo. This is why I, not only dedicated myself to this subject, but have produced two volumes to help you out. I start off with the basics and then move forward with advanced tricks. There are very few, if any, DVDs that focus 100% on just tricks, licks, and runs and we know this is what you’ve been struggling with for a long time. You can play chords just fine, but you feel like something is missing, because you don’t know how to add that extra spice.




Ok, mode relates to the actual sound or mood you are trying to create. This is part of Jamal’s focus on feel and ear training. We take simple movements and apply different scales and tech you how to create a mood with your soloing. If you want a funky song, then you will use this scale. If you want a crazy feel, then use these tricks. If you want to create a particular type of mood, then we’ll give you the scale that will help. For example if you are playing a major type groove or song, we teach you when to apply the blues scale, major scale, and when to solo the chords. The secret to this is recognizing how the relative major and relative minor modes can change the mood and “feel” of the groove. We teach you all of that.


As a beginner keyboard player myself I had the hardest time not playing the bass along with the bass player. My bass player would look at me and say, “I’m playing the bass, why do you need to play it too?" It wasn't that I wanted to overstep his area. It was just that I didn't know what to do with my left hand and how to fill in the chords. Well this DVD gives you tricks and techniques to do when playing with a bass player. Part of the difficulty is that you may be able to play the basic chord, but it doesn’t sound full. We give you some right-hand and left-hand tools to use in order to make you sound full and with more licks when playing with a bass player.

The foundation of a good run or lick lies in the power of knowing your scales. There are about 6 different scales we consider in this DVD:
1.Major Scale
2.Blues Scale
3.Pentatonic Scale
4.Chromatic Scale
5.Whole Note Scale
6.Grace Notes

There are, of course, more scales, but these are the major foundation scales in our type of urban music that we do. In the first DVD I attack this in three different strategic ways. First, I go over the scales in the instructional DVD with examples as I build a “story” of scales and how to take a simple groove and add soloing techniques. Second, I have taken the time to do what I call “Jamal’s Intimate Shed Session.” This is where I take time out to talk to beginners about soloing without the band, lights, and action. I take time out for the beginner to make sure you get it. Third, I have brought in our friend Ricky Draper from the Urban Worship Xtreme DVD to go over scales and proper fingering as well. And of course, I have tons of documentation and resources about soloing on the CD ROM. This will jump-start you into soloing fast and you’ll have fun because I know you’ve been struggling with your soloing chops for a long time.

The next most important aspect other than scales is proper fingering. In my experience many different musicians use different fingering. I show you my method and what has worked for me, and then I also show you proper fingering techniques as well. The hard part about soloing is recognizing the crossover. The crossover is the point where you run out of fingers and you have to reset the solo. Remember, you have the MIDI and overhead keyboard shot so you can see my fingers. I show you all of that and more. And remember family: It’s ok to use the pause button.

Another problem you’ve been having is trying to figure out which runs go with what chords. Sometime when you play your chords they seem to sit out by themselves, because you may be having problems with what to do in your right hand. We start off easy, by showing you how to play chords with your left hand, to leave your right hand open for solos. Then we give you a methodology and a process to applying solos and licks to the chords that you play. The process is a combination of scale recognition, ear training, and mode recognition. You ever hear an experienced musician just sit down at the organ or keyboard and just rip away with solos and licks for every chord he plays. Well, we will show you, not only how, but why the tricks work and how to do them.

This is probably the most requested DVD out of all of them. I can’t count the number of requests I get from people wanting to learn how to solo. This is why I, not only dedicated myself to this subject, but have produced two volumes to help you out. I start off with the basics and then move forward with advanced tricks. There are very few, if any, DVDs



For those of you who love jazz, funk, neo soul, and gospel then you will have an awesome time with this DVD. The entire premise of this DVD is to give you the most urban sound possible. We have added a a ton of neo-soul, jazz, funk, and gospel movements to this DVD to compliment the plethora of licks and tricks we show you. We have even gone so far as to show you the secrets to playing a moog, sine wave soloing, and sine wave R&B chording.

By default, you get tons of grooves with this DVD, because in order to demonstrate the soloing aspect, you have to have a tight groove to facilitate the soloing. So, indirectly, not only do you get a DVD packed with soloing, but also you get a ton of new jazz, neo-soul, and funk grooves to use for after service or during offering.

Not only is this DVD full of soloing techniques as it relates to scales, but I also show you a ton of tricks. Tricks are little nuances and shortcuts to really make your playing sound unique. I have a trick that I call camouflage, where you would do a specific lick really low volume to create an ear trick. I have various tricks as it relates to the modulation wheel with soloing and synth horn tricks. Youíll love the section on shouting music, where I expose all of the popular shouting tricks as well. Finally, I also expose many of the popular R&B soloing tricks as it relates to the lead, and sine-wave soloing in mono and poly modes.

The DVD has a good structure, yet I left room open to be spontaneous. Have you ever looked over a musician’s shoulders to see the chords then ask him to do something over and he says he can’t. Well there is some truth to that! Sometime the inspiration hits you so much that you have no clue what you just played. Well, I tried to capture that, “Do that Again!” affect by shedding along with my teaching. Remember the Byron Chambers shed session we did.? Well, this DVD is that same type of stuff. Take the Byron Chambers shed session. Mix it with the Urban Worship Xtreme and you have Urban Soloing Techniques Volume 1 and 2.

To top everything off, we do a whole hour dedicated to shouting tricks and licks in Ab. We basically turn the camera on and shout away as we take time to show you every single lick we do. We did our best to show you all of the shouting standards that you need and hear all the time, while at the same time giving you some pretty cool shouting “remixes.” Even neo soul shouting tricks are on this.

We put a tone of work into these videos and as always, there are special treasures on the documentation CD with a bunch of extra lessons, audio files, and fun stuff.





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