Major Scales
Minor Blues Scales
Chromatic Runs
Pentatonic Scales
Whole Note Scales
Relative Minor and Relative Major Relationships
Right Hand Octave Tricks
Two hand Double Octave Tricks
Crazy Chinese Runs
Spanish Urban Runs
Fingering Techniques
Practicing Techniques
What scales to play over chords
Crazy soloing in Another Key
Crazy Jazz Suspended Soloing
How to Play with a Bass Player

D.K.V. - Double Keyboard and MIDI View
Just like Having Two DVDs in One


VPB - Virtual Pitch-bend Technology

What to do in the left-hand if there is a bass player
1- Hour of Shouting Tricks in Ab
Quartet Tricks
Crazy Neo Soul Shout
Neo Soul Grooves
Jazz Soloing
Shed Session
Synth Horn Tricks
Modulation and Pitch Bend Tricks
Sine Wave Lead Soloing
Sine Wave R&B Chording
Synth Lead Soloing
Synth Programming Skills
Moog Bass Soloing Tricks
Moog Bass Programming
Double LMS MIDI views
Miscellaneous Bass Chords and Drum licks



MIDI Files


Sheet Music




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