This will probably be one of the most important aspects that I am adding to ALL of my DVDs. In case you guys have not realized this, I am somewhat of an insane perfectionist. That's why you see on every DVD I'm always adding something NEW. This is because I want to make sure that you get every single thing. I want you to know that when you buy a Jamal Hartwell DVD, that I will have nothing left, because I have given it all to you. As a result after the DVD was over, my heart really went out to the beginners. So, I went back into the studio and recorded, what I call, Jamal Intimate Shed. This is me talking to you without the band and without all the lights. It's just me and you and I take my time to talk about experiences, failures, my struggles, and very important tips and tricks.




Ricky Draper "Crazy Runs" with Theory

On this new DVD we have employed our new D.K.V. (Double Keyboard View). Essentially, on one screen we show both MIDI and overhead keyboards. Remember the Byron/Jamal shed session that we taped a few years ago. The problem with this shed session is that so much of what we did was spontaneous and with on the spot inspiration. Unfortunately none of what we did was captured. The benefit of a shed session is that will be able to "rip" all of the best licks, because the inspiration is high. So this time, we were able to give you the inspiration of Shed Session, while allowing you to not only see the overhead keyboard, but the LMS (Live MIDI Sync) of both Byron and I.



Because this is a soloing DVD, I use the pitch-bend a lot and for those of you who have no clue on how to use the pitch bend, it is very important that you are able to see everything. The pitch-bend is paramount when working that Moog bass and lead soloing, as a result, we have implemented a way for you to not only see my hand and fingers, but when the pitch-bend is used, you will be able to see it on the virtual pitch-bend keyboard as well. Both modulation wheels are seen when moved so you can see every single thing!





Learning Difficult Solos on the spot:
I know this may sound crazy, but the number one most important way to encourage you, is for you to see me struggle. If you can see that I am a man just like you, then you will see that I'm not this keyboard "wonder." As a result, you will say: "Wow, if Jamal can do it, then I can too!" That is my number one goal with all of my DVDs. So I take a scale or run that I've never done before and show you on camera how I would go about learning a difficult run - Mess-ups and all. I get you inside my mindset on how I go about learning a solo on the spot and some of my personal tricks. More importantly, I teach you the mindset behind learning difficult runs ,or anything for that matter, on the keyboard. I actually work and dig out a solo on camera and explain every single aspect of my thought process and how to effectively learn licks faster.

What's the role of the second keyboard
Many of you have asked me, what is the role of the second keyboard player. Well, as you can see from the DVD clips and screenshots, there are actually two keyboard players in which to show you this concept. You will get to see Me and Byron's keys and MIDI to actually see what the second keyboard player does. Furthermore, I actually teach you what the second keyboard player should be doing, especially when demonstrating quartet grooves and shouting tricks using synth horns.

How to use your left hand
This has been a weak spot for many musicians. You realize that it is very important to use your left hand and you understand the enormous benefits, but you just don't know how to begin to practice it. Well, I actually teach you how to use your left-hand and how to begin to structure your hand accordingly. Many difficulties with beginners arise not because of knowledge, but because of coordination. For example, you know how to play a major chord in your right hand. Do the chords change just because you're playing it with your left-hand? NO! Of course it does not! The issue then is with your coordination and I teach you step-by-step how to better coordinate your left hand to play chords. Furthermore, I teach you some left hand tricks to play when you can't quite play all of the chords just yet. And of course, you have 2-full hours of seeing two keyboard players playing together and will be able to see first-hand what each one of us does with our left hand and with a band.

How to play with a band and with a bass player
Many of you have asked me over and over: "How do I play with a bass player?" or "How do I play with a band?" Finally you are starting to add more instruments to your church and you are now ready to play with a band, but there is one problem: You keep playing the bass along with the bass player and you've been so use to playing by yourself, that you don't know how to lay back a little. Well, I realize this and this DVD teaches you how to play with a band. Once again, we spend 2-full hours with not only a band, but with two keyboard players, so you'll get to see firsthand how a band plays together and how to lay back. I spend even more time with my Intimate Shed and I explain how to play with a band. This is a very important concept in taking you to another level, so I spend a lot of time teaching you this very important concept.





For you theory heads, we have a special treat for you. We have brought in our friend Ricky Draper. Ricky is a theory guru and you will get an awesome dose of theory as it relates to:
1. Pentatonic Scales
2. Minor Pentatonic Scale with Blue Note
3. Whole Tone Scale
4. Major and Minor Scales
5. Modalities.
6. Soloing over chords
7. Proper Finger Techniques
8. Fingering Numbers and crossover


We have also included the improvisational teachings of Ricky Draper from the Urban Worship Xtreme. With the addition of these extra lessons, they will really add an extra understanding to re-visit these important lessons. Many people did not get a chance to really understand the importance of these lessons on the Xtreme, because there was no foundation on soloing established. Now, with all of the extra theory on scales, and improvisational techniques, you will really get more out of the improvisational teachings on the Urban Worship Xtreme bonus discs.




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